2013 Annual Reports
Hunters Helping Hunters
VP & Assistance Program
2013 Annual Report

Total Assistance Awards to date: $23,538.63

Affect and Effect

Often, we are called upon to do things. Depending on how you look at it, those things could be an affect or an effect. Hunters Helping Hunters according to its mission, is both. We know that an affect means to influence or ‘a feeling or emotion,’ whereas effect means ‘to exert an influence upon,’ The tradition of helping others in need, dates back to the beginning of man and his survival. Its an affect to want to help your people when they're in need. Not much has changed over the last few thousands of years if you think about it. We still rely on each other when times get hard, when disasters strike, or unexpected events alter our daily lives. At HHH, we know that the way to affect those needing assistance, is to not only be there for them, but to be a positive effect during this disturbance to them and their families. Our ability to affect and effect any situation, is by giving support and to help mitigate a stressful event. Which by the way, is the reason HHH was formed. Much like the old days, we care about our fellow hunters and their families. Its part of the tradition we hold so dear. Being able to provide for each other is in our blood and has been passed down for generations. It is what hunters do, we provide.

Like others, HHH needs your support. Whether by a donation, gifts, auction items, personal time or what ever. HHH and you, our supporters, can continue the tradition of providing for ones family and friends just as hunters have done since the beginning of time. But we cant fulfill the mission alone. If you can offer any assets, or have access to knowledgeable resources, please by all means, join with us. We welcome assistance from anyone willing to help us help others.

2012 was a slow year for HHH assistance request, but because of your continued support, HHH was able to answer the calls when needed. And since its formation, HHH has paid out $23,538.63 to assist hunters and their families. Hunters Helping Hunters is truly grateful and thanks each of you for your support, whether it be a donation to the fund, an item for auction or time spent continuing the mission. Once again, we Thank you for your support.


Mike Bell
Hunters Helping Hunters
VP & Director of Assistance