Assistance F.A.Q.'s
Frequently Asked Questions about the HHH Assistance Program

Who can apply for HHH Assistance?
Any hunter, or member of the hunter’s family, or friend of a hunter in need of assistance may apply for assistance.

What kind of assistance do you offer? HHH Assistance is a financial contribution that is directly sent to the applicant’s creditor. HHH assists hunters and their families with medical and unexpected funeral cost.

When can a person apply for HHH Assistance? HHH offers assistance year round at a first come first serve basis.

How does a person receive HHH Assistance? HHH utilizes a Review process to insure and protect the applicant’s information and Hunters Helping Hunters Inc. First an application for assistance must be completed, signed, and notarized by the applicant and received by HHH. When HHH receives an application the Review Committee Chairman assigns a case number and determines if enough information is provided to start the Review Process. If application is incomplete, the Review Chairman will contact applicant for additional information. All information is kept private and is not shared outside of committee personal. In almost all cases, Review Committee members never even know the name of the applicant; they refer only to the case number. The Review Committee investigates the applicants situation and if found to be accurate and meets the guidelines for assistance, approval or denial of applications are sent to the Board of Directors. The HHH Board of Directors will determine an award amount based on Review committee recommendations and funds available. Once an application is awarded or denied, the Review Committee Chairman will notify the applicant. If an award is granted, payment will be sent to applicant’s creditors. No financial awards are sent directly to applicants.

If you have any questions we will be glad to help answer them as soon as we can.