Letter from Chairman
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February 12, 2013

Dear Donors, Volunteers and Supporters... and Recipients,


We were promised change in 2008. We got change in the Affordable Care Act. The debate continues whether this change is good or not and whether it will impact our lives positively or negatively.

Change also comes in the form of life changes. Some life changes are good, such as marriages and births and other changes are not good, such as deaths, medical problems and financial difficulties.

What hasn’t changed is that Hunters Helping Hunters, Inc. (HHH) continues to be ready to help people associated with hunting ease some of their financial hardships due to high medical or funeral costs. HHH has been privileged to help numerous families offset some financial hardships exceeding the $20,000 mark in grants given since 2001.

In 2012, HHH continued its grassroots efforts to raise the funds to assist hunters in their time of need. This was accomplished through auctions of items donated to HHH, private and corporate contributions and auctions sponsored by the members of NAHC forums. Although 2012 was a slow year for financial grants given, HHH continues to need assistance in achieving its goals in 2013. We currently are in need of upgrading our website to be more user-friendly web site, especially in the areas of assistance and fundraising, without the cost of the website creation and management coming from the general funds. The hope is that a new, more user-friendly website will allow HHH to help get the word out about our mission.

As always, the generous support of our donors and volunteers allows HHH to be at the ready to help our own in 2013. Thank you for your continued support. May you be blessed in return.

Ken Zeringue
Chairman of the Board